zoe sartain

Shop assistant at La tienda



Current location

United Kingdom

Work category

Travel and Tourism

I am a responsible,social and easygoing person . I am reliable and hard-working, and very motivated, with the practical abilities to get the job done without losing focus.
I can work under pressure and I enjoy new challenges.

zoe sartain's Professional Experience

2009 - 2010

La tienda - Shop assistant

Shop assistant - I was responsible for cleaning the shop, keeping it in order, advising customers, stacking stock and cashier too

Key Skills
Cashier Cleaning shop assistant
2009 - 2010

Beer garden - Barmaid

Barmaid - Responsible for mixing&pouring drinks, cleaning up, supplying music and

Key Skills
Cashier Cleaning
2008 - 2009

Mambos - Waitress/Barmaid

Waitress/barmaid - Serving clients, cleaning up after them, washing up pots/plates
helping chefs in kitchen, serving drinks behind bar and cashier too.

Key Skills
2007 - 2008

Bakery - Waitress/barmaid

Waitress/barmaid - Serving tables,serving drinks behind bar, serving behind bakery counter, helping out in kitchen and keeping the place clean.

Key Skills

zoe sartain's Education and Qualifications

College Level -

College Level -

Second Level -

zoe sartain's Additional Information



• Scuba diving
• Sea life
• Photography
• Volunteering
• Music
• Traveling


Nearly Qualified in Scuba diving.