Zahed Lateef - Entrepreneur from childhood

CEO at Amvensys Capital Group, LLC



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United States

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Accounting and Finance

An entrepreneur from childhood, Houston native Zahed Lateef stocked shelves in his father’s convenience store and delivered newspapers at age 8. By age 11, he had started his own lawn-mowing business with contracts at approximately 30 homes, where he provided his services for $15 an hour. His father also developed real estate, and Zahed Lateef followed along from a young age, joining him in meetings and handling accounting duties. He developed a love of architecture and later founded Homes of Excellence, LLC, to design and build his own house. At age 19, he began a business with a silent partner in Houma, Louisiana, buying repossessed and foreclosed tugboats from GE Capital.

Zahed Lateef revolutionized the fountain dispensing system after acquiring a company that marketed carbon-dioxide distribution equipment. He also invested in a grocery distributor and purchased and operated a pesticide-manufacturing firm.

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Houston Baptist University

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Amvensys Foundation, support educational activities, including the Round Table School in Bangalore, India, Fitness, reading, volunteering in Young Presidents Organization (also a member), charitable work