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Yvette Araujo, also known by her maiden name Bundrage, subsequently used her manuscript to create two widely available novels, Origin and The Loathing. Currently, she and her team are shooting Room 8, a docudrama investigating the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

Earlier in her career, Yvette Araujo worked as the executive producer of Ground Floor Productions in Detroit. She produced Sister Blvd., an hour-long talk show that aired on the WB and the PAX Network for two seasons. Featuring female hosts, the show explored local urban culture, including culinary arts, literature, and film.

Yvette Araujo's Professional Experience

2006 - Present

Trinity Films Productions - Executive Producer

Yvette Araujo serves as the founder and executive producer of California-based Trinity Films Productions, which produces a variety of media works, including full-length films and docudramas. Araujo originally created Trinity Films in 2008 as a means of adapting her self-penned 12-part series into a full-length film. After production on the film ended, she turned the piece into a miniseries called Modos: The Prophecy Armageddon, which aired on WGN in 2012.

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