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2010 - Present

Restaurants-Guide4U - General Manager - Restaurants-Guide4U

The 60 main markets world-wide are under the new development of Restaurants-Guuide4U. This means, creating strong teams with sales/marketing representatives and chief consultants to register businesses for the guide, developing strong know-how about local markets and niche markets and promoting them on international level, (indirectly creating thousands of new jobs in the food industry).
Actually, my office is looking for representatives in 60 different countries.
Have a look on http://www.restaurants-guide4u.com
If you are interested in getting involved in all this, get in contact with yves.clees@restaurants-guide4u.com
On worky.com, we publish each month a status list about job vacancies in the 60 countries of our development.

Key Skills
Food Industry HTTP Marketing Restaurants.Guide4U
2005 - Present

ActiveHolidaysKerry - Managing Director and owner

A business, which has been developped for marketing the whole region of South-West Kerry/Ireland. 24 sites have been developed in French, German, English and Luxembourgian language.
have a look on:

Key Skills
.NET activeholidayskerry HTTP Marketing
1999 - 2004

Tropical Fish Center - Managing Director and owner

Biggest Tropical Fish Center in Luxembourg and one of the biggest in Europe.

1991 - 1998

TSC - Bio-Riff - Co-owner

A very important group of different fishing and aquaristic shops.

1986 - 1991

State Ministry of Luxembourg - Telecom operator - supervisor

Worked for Luxembourg State Ministry in a telecom center from 1981 until 1991

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I like good cooking, gardening and fishing.
Once, I was interested in Politics, (without ambitions), but in the century we are living, this interest has died.

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