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Yuval Tal is a well-known Israeli-American businessman, particularly in the online payments arena. His company, Payoneer, provides solutions for online payments that eliminate many of the complications and difficulties of regular bank transfers. The company is considered a world leader among companies of its type. Tal is the founder of Payoneer, and has served as its President since its establishment in 2005. Payoneer enables a variety of industries such as content providers, online marketing and surveys, web business and others, to pay partner and suppliers using prepaid MasterCard® cards. Payment is made in compliance with the strictest standards for security and privacy. Payoneer operates out of headquarters in New York, and has R&D offices in Israel.

Yuval Tal's Professional Experience

2005 - Present
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1999 - 2005
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1997 - 1999
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1995 - 1997
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Yuval Tal's Education and Qualifications


Masters/PostGrad - Biomedical engineering

Tel Aviv University

Mechanical engineering, BSc (1992)
Biomedical engineering MSc (1996)

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