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Real estate investor and developer Yossi Attia has worked extensively in two diverse housing markets in Los Angeles and Zagreb, Croatia. He heads the Atia Group, which operates in Croatia under the alternate name of the Atia Projekt, Ltd.

The Atia Group was founded by Yossi Attia in 2004, when the company began its work in Croatia. Its first development was completed in 2005 and generated an income of nearly €900,000. The second project Attia oversaw was more extensive and required the development of close relationships with members of local government in order to develop the necessary infrastructure. The third development purchased land across the street from an amusement park and spa that were under construction. All together, these properties generated over €5.5 million in revenue.

In addition to these projects, the group has worked consistently in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas area markets with commercial and residential properties alike.

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