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I am an award winning literacy and numeracy specialist (see links for my 'Liter-a-teen' Project which won NALA ACE Awards and featured on Six One News) and an experienced Communications, ESOL, TEFL, Work Experience, Horsemanship/ Equestrian and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) teacher and facilitator. Recently Published 'Dancing Home - A Collection of Poetry'. I have extensive experience in adult and teenager basic education and in teaching Travellers adpeople with special needs/ disabilities. Travelled extensively in Europe and Asia - very interested in culture.Highly motivated, very agreeable and easy to relate to; I work well both on my own initiative and as part of a team. I have excelled in any area where I have applied myself. I am a skilled writer and am currently writing a novel. I have experience as a recruitment consultant and hence career guidance has become an element of my work. I have been involved in a number of voluntary projects and I love drawing and travelling.

Yasmin Fortune's Professional Experience

2013 - Present

Self-Employed - New Equine Assisted Learning Business

Currently setting up an Equine Assisted Learning Business. Watch this space ....

Key Skills
New business, Equine Assisted Learning, EAL
2013 - Present

Yasmin Fortune - Dancing Home - A Collection of Poetry - Self-Published Author of poetry book

Click on the following links to view/ order my Book of Poetry

Key Skills
HTML HTTP Irish interest; Irish poetry; Irish poet; Irish culture Poetry, women's studies, sexual politics, travel, feminism, gender and power
2012 - 2012

Self-Employed - Free-lance Educational Consultant

January 2012 - September 2012 Designing and writing materials for FAS-spec FETAC level 4 Workplace Safety, Teamworking and Communications modules for a charity which specialises in delivering education to teenagers with disabilities and special education needs in an equestrian setting.
Following a highy competitive interview process I was offered the position of Equine Instructor at Cherry Orchard Equine Centre in February 2012.

Key Skills
EAL, Equine, FETAC, Consultancy equestrian FETAC
2011 - 2012

Festina Lente - Equestrian Training Programme Facilitator

Festina Lente is a world renowned Charity which provides training, occupational,learning and employment opportunities to people whose needs are not being met by mainstream society through the medium of horses and horticulture.

Teaching Horsemanship,FETAC Level 4 Communications, Stable and Yard Routine and Animal Welfare to 18 students with disabilities and behavioural issues (Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, ADHD, Addiction; Dyslexia, Schizophrenia, Asperger's, Autism) and managing and supervising them in caring for 40 horses (feeding, grooming, rugging, muck-out, turn-in, turn-out, tack-up, yard management)

Assessing students for FETAC certification in Sport Horse Riding and Stable and Yard Routine

Facilitating Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) therapeutic sessions with horses and teenagers; completing Individual Training Plans (ITP's) and Progress Reports with students

Teaching Natural Horsemanship horse training skills (Chris Irwin method) to students

Developing L4 Communications Handbook specifically for equestrian setting

Key Skills
Animal Welfare Charity Communications Disability EAL equestrian Equine Assisted Learning facilitator Festina Lente FETAC Horsemanship Literacy Special Education Needs Stable Yard Routine Teacher teenagers TUTOR work experience
2010 - 2011

BrayTravellers Community Development Programme - Facilitator - Diversity Training - Traveller Culture

Training Travellers, who are existing community leaders in Co. Wicklow, to deliver presentations on their culture in local school settings. Facilitating the group to make a presentation on Traveller Culture for College Academics and the Garda Minorities Liaison Unit for Munster at the University of Limerick. I designed a powerpoint presentation for the course which John Heneghan, Senior Lecturer at UL, has requested be used to inform a visiting delegation of Turkish officials who are coming to UL to see best practice in working with nomadic groups.

Key Skills
culture diversity facilitator Teacher Travellers TUTOR
2006 - 2011

Co. Wicklow VEC - Literacy and Numeracy Teacher/ Project Manager - Literateen Project

Literacy and Numeracy Teacher in Bray Youthreach and Wicklow Youthreach
Singled out for praise by Brendan Doody, Senior Inspector in Dept. of Education for excellent literacy and numeracy contribution and achievement
2010 winner of National Adult Litercy Agency (NALA) 's Adults Continuing Education (ACE) Award with my 'Liter-a-teen' Project - developing a system and materials and resources for teaching literacy to teenagers - prize included €10,000 for in-centre project research and development, software development
Project Manager - Literateen Project - budget management, managing literacy team, research and development
My Project featured on Six One News - 6th July 2010
see: http://www.rte.eu/news/2010/0706/6news.html
(Pioneering literacy programme to be rolled out
Kathy Donaghy reports the National Adult Literacy Agency's programme offers early school-leavers a second chance)


Key Skills
Communications culture Disability diversity FETAC Literacy NALA ACE Awards numeracy Special Education Needs Teacher teenagers
2006 - 2009

Co. Wicklow VEC - Youthreach - Teacher: Communications; Cultural Studies; Interculturalism; Personal Effectiveness; Personal and Interpersonal Skills; Maths; Work Experience; Living in a Diverse Society

Teacher: Communications; Cultural Studies; Interculturalism; Personal Effectiveness; Personal and Interpersonal Skills; Maths; Work Experience; Living in a Diverse Society
I taught the above FETAC modules to teenagers - I also taught the Young Mother's Programme (for single parents)

Key Skills
Communications culture Disability diversity FETAC Literacy numeracy Personal and Interpersonal Skills Personal Effectiveness Teacher Travellers TUTOR work experience
2005 - 2008

Bray Travellers Community Development Programme - Teacher/ Tutor - Literacy; Diversity; Cultural Studies

I was teaching literacy/ communications and later FETAC Living in a Diverse Society to Traveller women

Key Skills
Communications diversity facilitator FETAC Teacher Travellers TUTOR
2003 - 2007

Bray Adult Learning Centre - Tutor: Literacy;Numeracy; ESOL; Spellings

Tutor: Literacy; Numeracy; ESOL; Spelling groups
Outreach - Literacy Tutor for clients with mental health issues such as schizophrenia at Lincara House Bray (Mental Health Centre)

Key Skills
Disability Literacy Special Education Needs Teacher TEFL TUTOR
2002 - 2003

Pace Language Institute - TEFL Teacher

All levels – Groups and 1 to 1. Including one to one tutoring for members of Spanish army and teaching staff members at Marriott Hotel, Kilcoole. Preparation for PET, FCE, CAE, TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS exams.

Key Skills
Teacher TEFL
2001 - 2002

English in Dublin, Merrion Square - TEFL Teacher

All levels - including teaching Embassy staff at Russian Embassy, Rathgar. Preparation for PET, FCE, CAE, TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS exams

Key Skills
Teacher TEFL
2001 - 2001

Exchange House Travellers' Centre - Administrator

Administration, reception and secretarial duties

Key Skills
Administration Travellers
2001 - 2001

Sihanoukville Cambodia - Anthropological Research for MA and voluntary TEFL Teacher

I conducted research for my MA thesis "Heads above the Water: Coping Strategies and Survival Tactics in Present-Day, Post-Communist, Cambodia" in Sihanoukville Cambodia. My thesis was largely comprised of oral histories and survivor testimonies which I collected during my field-work
I also taught English voluntarily to local street-workers and tourism employees

Key Skills
Cambodia research Teacher
2000 - 2001

Reed Recruitment, Dawson Street - Front Desk Office Manager & Recruitment Consultant

I started as a Candidate Consultant/ Front-desk office manager in which role I ran the front-desk office, screened CVs, interviewed candidates, gave advise on making CVs, designed marketing-mailers and leaflet on tips for sucessful intervews and CVs, and organised promotion events. I was promoted to Multilingual Consultant: I set up the multilingual desk from scratch. I was approached personally by Chairman of the Reed Group - James Reed - and asked if I would like to get involved with the company's charity work for Africa. I declined at the time as I had my heart set on returning to Cambodia.

Key Skills
Career Advice Marketing Office Manager Recruitment Consultant
1998 - 1999

Tamagawa High School, Kusatsu Japan - High School English Language Teacher

1 of 44 candidates selected from over 1000 Irish graduate applicants for prestigious Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme run by Japanese Board of Education

Key Skills
Asia Japanese Board of Education JET Programme Teacher TEFL

Yasmin Fortune's Education and Qualifications


Masters/PostGrad - Social Anthropology

The Queen's University of Belfast


Bachelor/Degree - English

UCD - University College Dublin


Bachelor/Degree - English - Erasmus Year

Universiteit van Amsterdaam

Yasmin Fortune's Additional Information




Horse-riding; Travelling; Asian Cultures; Anthropology; Community Development; Volunteering; Culture; Writing; Reading; Painting; Drawing; Hill-walking; Education; Politics; Equine Assisted Learning; Equine Assisted Therapy; Equine Assisted Learning; Horse Training; Member of Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society (CPBS) and Kerry Bog Pony Society (KBPS). Horse Training; Basic Level of Cambodian/ Khmer
Buddhism (I studied Vipassana meditation in Burma)
Poetry (published in local booklets as a child)
Voluntary work: teaching street workers and kids in Asia, teaching art at my children's school; teaching Japanese culture at a kids' summer camp, teaching Traveller kids, teaching literacy, and helping out on a friend's election campaign.


Election Campaign - Volunteer
I was very involved in a voluntary capacity in a friend's successful National Parliament Election Campaign - I canvassed door-to-door; postered; mobilised local business people to attend Business Breakfasts; interviewed local businesses for a survey on Challenges to Local Business; organised 'Tea-Party'events; recruited volunteers; advised the team on Education Policy - specifically in the areas of literacy, numeracy, classroom management and parental involvement in education.
I have worked as a groom/ horse-riding extra/extra on Braveheart; Far and Away; Into the West; Moll Flanders. I was approached in 2002 personally by Christina Noble of The Christina Noble Children's Foundation to relocate my family to Mongolia and manage the Ulan Bator office. I declined as I felt it was not the right move for my young family at the time.


NALA ACE Awards Winner 2010 'Literateen' Project - €10,000 dvpt. prize. Featured on 6-1 News Horse Sport Ireland (HSI) – Level 1 Sports Coaching Course Horse Boy 1 Training with Rupert Isaacson – November 2012 EAL & EAT Training Rancho Bosque Equestrian Centre – July 2011
VEC Managing Abusive Behaviours in Students Training 2010; VEC Equality, Child Protection, & Dignity in Workplace Training 2010; Dyslexia@Bay Training 2010; VEC QFI (Quality Framework Initiative) Training and Equality Training 2006-2010
VEC Special Education Needs (SEN) Training - 08
Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) Curriculum Dvpt. and Group Dynamics modules towards Higher Cert. in Literacy Dvpt. - ; Family Learning Training & MLJ - BALC 05 & 06
NALA Literacy Tutor Training - BALC 03
Wrote nomination for Diversity Training Project - 2012 AONTAS STAR Awards - short-listed ,