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Here is all you need to know about Bicycle Repairers

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What do Bicycle Repairers do?

Repair and service bicycles.

What are the Main Tasks of Bicycle Repairers?

  • Install and adjust speed and gear mechanisms.
  • Assemble new bicycles.
  • Install, repair, and replace equipment or accessories, such as handlebars, stands, lights, and seats.
  • Align wheels.
  • Disassemble axles in order to repair, adjust, and replace defective parts, using hand tools.
  • Shape replacement parts, using bench grinders.
  • Repair holes in tire tubes, using scrapers and patches.
  • Weld broken or cracked frames together, using oxyacetylene torches and welding rods.
  • Paint bicycle frames, using spray guns or brushes.
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