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Working in America as a foreigner has proved time and time again, to have many barriers and obstacles which must be overcome in order to live and work here legally. Ever since the high number of illegal immigrants (the majority being Mexicans) flocked to America, the government has clamped down on illegal employment and that is why visas and work permits are taken extremely serious in the U.S. Failure to provide legitimate documents in relation to working in America can result in deportation and long term bans from the country. working in the states

The USA has such a vast amount of different industries and occupations, that even in these difficult times of distress, with the global economy diminishing; there is still employment available in America for those who are suited properly for the job. The west coast for example, has made itself famous for its technology and entertainment industries (Los Angeles), whereas the east coast has a far more serious financial side to it (New York), dealing with the stock markets among other areas of that nature.

Green Card

Having successfully received your visa relating to your employment in America, a green card is the next item to obtain. A green card is the official government identity card, specifically for foreign nationals, allowing them to permanently work and live in America 100% legally. There are several ways of going about acquiring a green card:

National Green Card Lottery 

Also known as the diversity visa, this is one of the fastest, most popular and most effective way of retrieving a green card. It is a basic lottery done annually, with 100,000 people picked out at random by computer selection. All you need to apply is a basic education qualification (secondary school), no criminal record or any health issues, then you are legally eligible to apply for a green card in America. When the 100,000 people are chosen at random, they must attend an interview at the American Embassy of their home nation, or else in the US itself where 50,000 winners will be chosen to own an official American green card.

Application through employment 

Obtaining a green card for America can be obtained through your employment; however it must be noted that in order for this to be sufficient, the candidate must have a current, legitimate working visa (H1B/H2B visa) and that the applicant’s company must act as a Sponsor to them.

Application through family members 

Obtaining a green card can also be obtained through family members. This relates to family members who are green card holders themselves, an immediate relative of a US citizen or a family member of a special category e.g: widow/widower of a US citizen. This tends to be a faster, easier method of application which does not involve employers.

Social Security Card

In order to be able to work in the US, it is vital to have a social security number (SSN). This is a simple card, which shows the American government what your earnings are and what your credit history is. This number is needed to set up a bank account, get a driver’s licence, obtain a credit card, collect social benefits if necessary and lot of other important services. To apply for a social security card for America, find your nearest social security office in the state, bring your passport and other key documents you may need and apply there. On the other hand, you can actually apply before you take off to the States, by requesting the forms while you’re applying for your specific visa at the American Embassy.


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