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San Francisco epitomises the nature of a diverse and multicultural city, with a long and unique history of people from all four corners of life immigrating to work here. San Francisco’s tradition of attracting such a diverse population has been present for centuries and is part of the reason why this great city is the global attraction it is today. Many culturally distinctive neighbourhoods can be found in San Francisco including Chinatown, which constantly broadens and improves the city’s already wonderful cuisine standards.

San Fransisco
Tourism is the backbone of the San Francisco economy. San Fran is home to some major convention centres and conference buildings including the Moscone Centre, which attracts  many people working in San Francisco on a regular basis to do business.

The top employer in San Francisco is the city government itself, who employs 6.25% of the city's population, followed by University of California, San Francisco. The largest private-sector employer is Wells Fargo, who is third at 2.04%.

With amazing landmarks dispersed around the city, people not only come to visit, but many end up living and working in San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz prison and the city’s infamous rolling cityscape are all trademark features of this unique metropolitan area. Pier 39 is deemed to be the 3rd most popular tourist attraction in the nation.

However, the cost of living in San Francisco is becoming more of a worry for low-medium level income earners. Property prices have risen in the past few years, forcing many families to move out of San Francisco into the Bay area, allowing the wealthier citizens to live in the magnificent Victorian style houses on the main, steep streets of the city.

Nevertheless, for those who can afford city living or willing to commute via the many modes of public transport San Fran has to offer, a healthy and exciting lifestyle can be had here.


Questions and Answers

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Val Lees

Val Lees

Hi, I'm from Northern Ireland, and hoping to find out all the information I can about getting sponsorship to work in Boston.
I am ideally looking for marketing and events based roles, and would hugely appreciate any help people can send me with regards to companies hiring for such roles? How to apply for sponsorship? Or really, any tips or details about the entire process. Thanks!

Thu Apr 24 08:29:17
Giuseppe Tebaldi - application developer

Giuseppe Tebaldi

I am looking for sponsor job as RPG programmer.
Anyone can help me?

Fri Jan 11 15:34:18
Frederico Morais

Frederico Morais

im loonking for sponsor job eny can help me

Tue May 15 04:16:16
aiman ghnedi - cleaner

aiman ghnedi

hey im looking for job in hospitality management im from ireland, either work or internship for six months from may to oct is that possible ? can you send me any hotels link that they accept
thanks :-)

Mon Apr 2 19:58:42
Bryan Dignam - Account Director

Bryan Dignam

Here is a link for all available hospitality/hotel jobs in America However if you plan on going to work in the US, you will need a working visa. Have you thought about this factor?

Wed Apr 4 10:22:17
Regina Finan

Regina Finan


I'm looking for work as a Medical Secretary (or just a secretary) in America, perferably Chicago. However I'm from Ireland and don't really know how to approach possible employers about sponsorship. Does anyone know how to find out which companies are more likely to sponsor me for work visas?

Thanks. :)

Sun Mar 18 00:44:12
Bryan Dignam - Account Director

Bryan Dignam

Hi Regina,

When it comes to getting sponsorships from US companies, it is very much depending on the industry they are in. Your best bet is to research job vacancies and choose several companies to approach. You must explain to them why they should sponsor you, so be sure to really sell yourself to them and make them want you in particular. Sponsored employees all must prove what makes them better than someone who can fill the role in Chicago, or wherever it may be, otherwise they will hire local talent.

Also have you checked out the Secretary roles available in Chicago at the moment..... and

Hope this helps :)

Tue Mar 20 14:46:05
Regina Finan

Regina Finan

Thanks Bryan. Really appreciate the tips. Still getting used to the whole having to talk myself up but sure it's all about practice I guess.

Will have a look at those links you sent too. Thanks again. ;)

Tue Apr 3 16:43:23
Stephanie Penn

Stephanie Penn


I'm looking for work as a Sports Psychologist starting this Summer when I get my degree. Does anybody know much about this area of work in America? East side preferably as I live in Florida right now.

Thank you :)

Wed Jan 25 12:57:02
Bryan Dignam - Account Director

Bryan Dignam

Check out the link and see the job vacancy's in the US for Sports Psychology

There's also the option of looking into the graduate programs in America

Hope this helps Stephanie

Wed Feb 8 11:19:46
Stephanie Penn

Stephanie Penn

Thank you so much! Really appreciate the help Bryan

Fri Mar 2 15:01:01

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