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The USA is well known for their enormous highways and motorways, some of which stretch the whole way across the country from east to west. The U.S. 20 is today the biggest highway in America, which goes from Boston, Massachusetts all the way to Newport, Oregon. State roads are connected well with easy connections to all cities within that area.


All of the main cities in the States will have some form of public transport, including bus and tram lines, subways, or commuter trains.

New York is a prime example of this. Many people living in New York City will commute on a daily basis from their homes, which are located on the outskirts of the city, and travel by subway into the heart of NYC and home again. Because of the large numbers who do this every day, the public transport system has to be of a high standard, which it is. 



Like a lot of other countries in the world, the bus is a very popular, cheap form of public transport used by many people everyday. All major cities have some form of bus transportations. In America, not only are the buses numbered, but they are also colour coded in order to divide area codes. Anyone new to the area should be aware of this as the "Green 26" for example, will bring you somewhere completely different to the "Blue 26". This is a small but common error many make who are new to the state.  



In certain states like New York, taxis are one of the main modes of transport. The internationally recognised “yellow cabs” swarm the streets waiting for the simple sound of a whistle to pick up a fair. This may seem rude or arrogant, but in New York City, it is the way of life, so you have to get used to it.



The carpool lanes on the roads are designated specifically for those cars with two or more passengers travelling in the same vehicle. These carpool lanes can be found on the far inside lane of most highways, and are a quicker way of getting to where you want to go as traffic can be avoided.



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