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Working Abroad Tips - General tips

Moving abroad is a major decision in anyone's life. Therefore you should acquire a wide range of information and advice before making the transition.

  • Be aware of certain laws that may not apply or that may differ in your home country. E.g. driving and drinking age.
  • Familiarise yourself with your new surroundings. E.g. public transport.
  • Budget correctly and be financially prepared for unexpected setbacks in finding employment.
  • Be aware of the different systems that are in place and have an idea of which scheme you will be choosing. E.g. healthcare, education, etc.
  • Try and learn a few basic language skills if moving to a country with an unfamiliar language. This will benefit you when looking for employment, houses etc.
  • Make yourself aware of specific cultures and traditions in your new destination.

Our guide shares knowledge from a number of online resources. Our aim is to provide you with useful information and resources, whether you are looking for jobs, banking, accommodation, schooling or just some information on the country, we have it all here at Worky!