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New Zealand is made up mainly of two islands; the North and the South islands. With a temperate climate and stunning variations in its geography, people in New Zealand happily lead an outdoor, exhilarating and pleasant lifestyle. Many people move to New Zealand because of its high standard of living. Not only is it geographically distant from Europe and America, it represents a completely different way of life too.

Unlike many countries nowadays, the New Zealand government welcome foreign expats looking to live and work in New Zealand with open arms provided they have sufficient skills and attributes that will benefit the New Zealand economy. In many cases, people living in New Zealand can live less than an hour from the ocean, and at the same time less than 4 hours from a ski slope. This means you can mountain bike, snowboard and surf all in the same day, which not many countries in the world can offer.

At the same time, cafe society and cultural activities rival those anywhere. New Zealand cuisine and regional wineries are well regarded internationally. Vineyards can be found all across New Zealand, offering a wide variety of wines for everyone to enjoy.

The idea of living in New Zealand genuinely can appeal to almost anyone around the world. Main cities like Wellington, Sydney, Auckland and Christchurch all have major shopping outlets for those with a love for fashion and style. On the other hand, once you venture outside the modern side of the big cities, you will find a quiet, relaxed atmosphere about the land where many people have chosen to immigrate to after retirement and enjoy all New Zealand has to offer.  

new_zealandAnd of course, we cannot forget New Zealand’s pride and joy.........their rugby team. The All Blacks as they’re
known have been the dominating team to beat in international rugby for decades, and this year won the Rugby World Cup 2011, giving them the official title of Rugby World Champions. The New Zealanders pride themselves in their ability to rein champions in the rugby world. Their infamous “haka”, (a traditional pre-match war dance used to scare and intimidate opponents before battle) is also a well recognisable act of the All Blacks.  





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