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Healthcare in Luxembourg


The healthcare system in Luxembourg is one of equality and fairness and involves everyone living here because it is compulsory to hold some form of medical insurance here. Contributions are made to a national social security scheme known as the Caisse de Maladie by all people working in Luxembourg, along with their employers who must also pay towards this fund. The amount each person pays is based on their profession and is decided on an annual basis by the Union of Sickness Funds and the Caisse de Maladie combined. For example, labour workers in trade will usually have to pay a higher percentage than say a teacher. Anyone who is under the age of 27 and either unemployed or still studying has their health insurance fees covered. Their insurance generally covers all basic care including medication, doctor treatments and specialist consultations.

How much:

When the payment is due every month, it is the employer’s responsibility to deduct the correct amount from the employees pay check and have it sent to the appropriate health system.  On average, roughly 5% of workers gross income gets deducted for the health fund. Special circumstances like people who old-age pensions and the unemployed have the relevant amounts deducted from their benefits. The self employed have to pay the full amount to the health scheme which can be over €6,000.

Anytime a working citizen in Luxembourg pays anything for healthcare to a doctor or hospital, it can be reimbursed as long as you hang on to your receipt. Usually the state will pack back 80-100% of your payment, depending on the situation. Lower reimbursement rates are applied for other treatments like the purchasing of prescription drugs, optical and dental treatment. People living and working in Luxembourg who make use of this medical system have the option of choosing their doctor or specialist along with where they would like to be treated.

Private Insurance:

Private health insurance is also available in Luxembourg and is taken out my many citizens living here. Over 95% of the population have cover for the public health system, however the private system covers additional costs and reimburses the remaining amount from the public healthcare that you did not receive. The only difference is each person in a family is charged separately for private medical insurance so is naturally more expensive.



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