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Canada, the second largest country in the world, is one of the most highly-developed countries in the today’s economy and an extremely popular destination for both short term visitors and long term expats. This has led to a highly diverse and multi cultural nation who uphold a strong sense of pride for their native land, along with a pleasant and friendly attitude towards others. For years, Canada has relied on its excess of natural resources to carry out trade with, and has resulted in Canada being one of the most stable, financially sound countries in today’s difficult times.

Canada does the majority of its trading with America, Japan and Great Britain. They are renowned for their competitive nature which ranges from the intensity of their national sporting events of ice hockey, to their relationship with their close neighbours America. The Canadians speak both English and French as their official languages, usually one or the other and have arguably the best standard of living in the world.

Immigrants looking to move will be captivated by the stunning landscape and scenery Canada has to offer. There is so much to do for foreigners moving here to live and work, with a blend of different climates surrounding the land allowing for endless amounts of activities ranging from skiing and snowboarding, to canoeing and white river rafting.

Canada’s main cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, seem to constantly attract foreigners to work and live in these laid back, beautiful cities which has been a huge reason for Canada’s economic success. 


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Paul Coakley

Paul Coakley

My name is paul im 25 from ireland im phase 4 electrical apprentice and looking for work in canada i also have worked as building labourer and landscaping any reply would be http://appreciated.thank you.

Tue Apr 16 15:35:40
Aditya Sapsd - sap sd

Aditya Sapsd

SD, SRM, CS, PM, PP training Advanced High Level walk through fast track online & remote Support by industry expert with real time scenarios mail us at or call us at 8801976590 ...add me on skype adityasapsd9. For webex connectivity chk my blog.

Sat Oct 6 11:05:27
Matthew Dunne

Matthew Dunne

My name is Matthew i have 13 years experience as a tiler.Looking for a Job in Canada.

Sat Jul 7 10:00:03
Premkumar Elakkumanan - Project Engineer

Premkumar Elakkumanan

I am Prem from India, Have 6 years of experience in Electronics Industry, Looking for a Job in Canada. anyone please help.

Sat Jul 7 02:31:16

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