Willy Wood - An Educational Consultant who Presents on a Variety of Brain-Compatible Teaching Topics.

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Educational consultant Willy Wood uses brain research to help teachers improve the learning experience for their students. He takes a leadership role in teacher conferences as President of Educational Solutions International, where he prepares programs that help Missouri teachers develop professionally. Also an educational consultant with Open Mind Technologies in Columbia, Missouri, Willy Wood offers training sessions and workshops that help teachers understand the human brain and how it learns. His workshops focus on the practical application of this knowledge and the creation of brain-based classroom strategies.

In addition to his conference work, Willy Wood provides educational support as a writer and as a one-on-one coach. Through Open Mind Technologies, he currently authors the monthly teacher newsletter Neuro News. In addition, he anticipates the release of his first co-authored, full-length book, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Classroom, in the fall of 2012.

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PhD/Doctorate - Creative Writing

University of Missouri - Columbia

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Masters/PostGrad - English

Southeast Missouri State University

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