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William O'Riordan's Professional Experience

2010 - Present

PGi - Project Manager CMS

Content migration project.

Current responsibilities:
• Management of Regional Content Conversion for CMS for Regional Sites
• Assign and manage content conversion tasks/workload across the Regional Content Team
• Ensure converted CMS content is suitably prepared for QA review
• Co-ordinate and report on CMS project tasks to the CMS Deployment Manager
• Work with the Director Marketing, Global Online to resolve Content issues, and obtain Business direction where required
• Ensure Hombre is updated to reflect the current status of all assigned CMS tasks
• Ensure adherence to CMS Content management and deployment procedures
• Issue Ticket Management for support requests from CMS Development & Support
• Co-ordinate with Regional Online Development Teams where required
• Work closely with the US and APAC Content Managers to facilitate peer collaboration

Key Skills
cms Content Management Marketing
2008 - 2010

Amazon CS Ireland - Team Lead, Digital Specialist and Customer Service Agent

Provide account and application support to customers, specifically with regards to software functionality
and troubleshooting of system configurations and network settings
Provide prompt, efficient, detailed, customer-oriented service to Amazon customers
Act as an advocate for our customer, reporting and acting on observed areas for improvement
Assume responsibility for developing detailed knowledge about specific product lines and features
Ensure internal reference pages are updated
Ensure interactive website features are operational and surface all problematic issues for immediate
Actively seek solutions to customer needs and identify trends to appropriate personnel, including
possible solutions or suggestions.

Key Skills
2002 - 2008

Alfa Laval - Communications Executive

• Plan and execute a communication platform for a new Web Content Management system, which was consistent with the company’s communications objectives.
• Member of the core project team that worked on the Ideation, Migration and Execution of content to Microsoft’s SharePoint 2007 content management platform.
• Responsible for the information structure of the public website as defined by the company’s Web Portal strategy and ensure the strategic involvement of key stakeholders.
• Create a channel for input from business owners to address their business needs, using surveys and workshops.
• Provide Marketing and Communications support for application and product launches, with specific responsibility for Website initiatives and campaigns.
• Develop coherent, structured and timely reports and news for internal launches.
• Present regular campaign progress briefings to senior management and board members.
• Provide training, support and news planning for the Company’s intranet.

Key Skills
Content Management Marketing Reports Senior Management sharepoint strategy

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Bachelor/Degree - ,

University College Cork

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