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A former military chaplain and spiritual leader with decades of pastoral experience, William McCoy boasts an impressive academic background that spans a variety of disciplines. A retired Lieutenant Colonel, William McCoy began his career as a church pastor in the mid-1970s, a position he held for 15 years.

From there, Dr. McCoy was accepted into the doctoral program at the Université de Strasbourg in France to pursue his advanced theological studies. He earned his Doctor of Theology at the Palais universitaire de Strasbourg in 1992. In addition to this degree, William McCoy also earned a Master of Divinity from the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in Columbia, South Carolina. Beyond his religious training, William McCoy also studied law, history, and apologetics at the Simon Greenleaf School of Law in Orange, California, where he received a Master of Arts in Apologetics.

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PhD/Doctorate - Spirituality Studies Track

Wesley Theological Seminary

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PhD/Doctorate - Theologie Systematique

L'universite de Strasbourg


Masters/PostGrad - Master of Divinity

Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary