Waseem Zataar - Water & Wastewater Treatment Service

M.E Director manager /Partner at Aqua Brands



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Manufacturing and Operations



Waseem Zataar's Professional Experience

2011 - Present

Aqua Brands - M.E Director manager /Partner

Aqua Brands one of Pollet Water Groups (PWG) Belgium, that consists of over sixteen companies spreading worldwide, Working in water treatment’s various fields (studying, producing, and exporting all types of water Treatment systems and their applications) for more than thirty years.

We have professional & brilliant technical engineering managerial team that does huge efforts to serve our customers and agents, this team which enable us to be in the first class in the markets.

We have (15,000 M2) huge stores of various water treatment systems, products and their equipments, ready to be exported to everywhere at anytime.

Mob.: +963 966 611159
E-Mail: zataarw@gmail.com

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Masters/PostGrad - Water & Wastewater Treatment

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