Vincent DeLazzero - For more than two decades, Vincent Delazzero has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Port Morris Tile & Marble Corporation

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Vincent DeLazzero's CEO role at Port Morris Tile & Marble Corporation (2004 - Present)

Details: Vincent DeLazzero represents the fourth generation of leadership at Port Morris. He joined the company in 1969, became Vice President in 1974, and had held the title of President since 1989 until being named CEO in 2004. His responsibilities include the management of divisions of the corporation, overseeing the estimating department, as well as serving as its chief sales representative and spokesman. In addition to his years of industry experience, Mr. DeLazzero has served as President of the Greater New York and New Jersey Tile Contractors' Association (GNY/NJTCA), Trustee of The International Masonry Institute (IMI), Trustee of the Bricklayer and Allied Craftworkers pension fund, and former President of the Tile Contractors' Association of America (TCAA). He is also a Vice President of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and has received many industry and charitable awards.

Responsibilities: Port Morris has provided over one hundred years of fabrication, installation and restoration for a diverse multitude of commercial projects. Owners, architects and general contractors alike have experienced our dedication to quality and service.


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