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Barn Manager Vicki Patterson operates RiverPointe Farm, a 64-acre spread that is the home to 11 Gypsy Vanner horses, dogs, sheep, and happy, healthy puppies. She is adept in animal care and reproduction, and works to breed and train these powerful and healthy horses. She ensures the horses receive ample shade, activity, training, and food to help them mature into well-heeled animals that can be enjoyed by families or professional riders. Vicki Patterson’s Gypsy horses are part of a storied tradition of horses bred specifically by the Gypsies of Great Britain to pull caravans across tough terrain.

Several of Vicki Patterson’s prized horses at RiverPointe Farm are available for purchase. A filly named RiverPointe Lilly, sired by Tundra and delivered by RiverPointe Tory, is the newest addition to the sale barn. Vicki Patterson also offers for sale an all-white mare named Dolche that carries the desirable Black Silver Dapple gene. Dolche was born in 2005.

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Bachelor/Degree - BA In Education, Science Comperhensive k- 12

New Jersey City University

BA Biology

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