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Founded by a United States veteran in 2000, is an organization designed to help veterans reconnect with their veteran service buddies, or meet new veteran friends, in a supportive online community. Through an interactive searchable registry, members have been able to find long lost military friends as well as participate in a variety of veteran-related activities.

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2000 - Present - Online Community

The idea of VetFriends came about when two veterans discussed the idea of having a reunion with their old unit service friends. Both agreed that they would be on the next plane available if a reunion was scheduled, and the idea of VetFriends was created. Several years later, VetFriends has over 1.2 million members, making it the largest online community of United States Military veterans today.

VetFriends provides resources for those in any branch of the military, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. Once they are registered, VetFriends provides members with services including discussion boards, email alerts, military photos, monthly contests, organization and reunion information, unit updates, and personal profile award pages and photo albums. Furthermore, VetFriends provides members with valuable information regarding military discounts, in addition to employment boards that provide job leads for veterans and an online business directory.

VetFriends offers several membership options to veterans, including free, gold, platinum, and lifetime membership. Depending upon the customer’s preference, each membership consists of its own benefits, designed so that each veteran can become involved as much or as little as wanted. Every member of VetFriends will be put into a searchable registry in which premium members gain access to search. Free military branch-specific gifts are included with each premium membership level.

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