Trevor Adair - Trevor Adair is a two-time recipient of the ACC Coach of the Year Award.

Assistant Men's Soccer Coach at Old Dominion University

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United States

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A leading intercollegiate athletic coach, Trevor Adair serves for Old Dominion University as Assistant Soccer Coach of the men’s varsity team. Adair has functioned in this capacity since 2010 and remains committed to promoting his students’ personal welfare, academic achievement, and athletic success through coaching, mentorship, and coordination of the team’s academic support program.

In 1995, Trevor Adair was named Head Coach at Clemson University, where he devoted 14 years to the team, established a 174-91-26 record, and coached multiple Olympic team members, All-Americans, and All-ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) players. Since beginning his collegiate coaching tenure 30 years ago, Adair has received multiple honors and is a two-time recipient of the Coach of the Year Award from the ACC.

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2010 - Present
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Soccer, Coach, Sports, Physical, Education, College

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Masters/PostGrad - Physical Education

University of South Carolina

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