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Company Owner Event Planner at Eternal Gatherings events



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United Kingdom

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Admin and Clerical

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2007 - Present

Eternal Gatherings events - Company Owner Event Planner

This job entails managing client budgets, working to strict time schedules, working on my own initiative, being able to converse at all levels, prioritising workloads, obtaining the best products and services for my clients and of course being able to work in high pressure situations confidently and accurately.

As company owner I am responsible for everything; not limited to dealing with clients requests, marketing, general administration, communicating with clients and suppliers to obtain the best possible services and products within a budget.

It takes many hours to plan an event such as a wedding. The average hours reported is currently 250; which is why more and more couples choose to undertake the services of a professional planner.
Although we specialise in weddings, we are not limited to undertaking work from corporate clients; charities and small private functions.
We also help with funeral arrangements and so understand fully the need to provide an empathatic and confidential service.

Key Skills
Administration Events, corporate events, small functions,Admin, marketing, technical, wedding, engagement,celebration, birthday, funeral, gift, list, stationery, General administration Marketing
2003 - 2006

Department for work and pensions - Financial Assessor/Admin officer

Working in the department for work and pensions required excellent communication and written skills, and the ability to work on my own initiative. As well as excellent organisational skills as I would need to manage my own workload and work to very strict timescales.

In this role I was responsible for taking client applications for income support benefit. I would see the client face to face, take their claim to benefit, go through the application with them, obtain evidence to support their claim along with any relevant pay slips and identification.
I would then ensure the client had fully completed the application and explain any questions they didn't understand. Take all the documentation they had brought to support their claim, and photo copy the originals signing and dating them to prove they were official copies taken by myself of the original documents and to prove the originals had been seen by myself.

After speaking with the client and taking their applications and assessing their claim, I would advise and answer any questions they may have had relating to their application, before showing them to the personal advisor they had been allocated to help and assist them with further jobcentre plus services, or job searches.

I would then after seeing my allotted clients process all their claim to income support benefit, activating their payments or if their application was incomplete or awaiting some verification I would send them a letter or telephone them requesting the missing information; advising them that as soon as I recieved the information needed I could then process their application and finalise the descision.
Sometimes it was necessary to seek advanced advise on claimants applications from a senior descision maker, and so would refer those applications onto the senior member, providing them with all the information they needed along with the case to reach a descision.

Other duties included advising other departments of claimants applications; and providing them with necessary evidence. As well as notifying and conversing with other internal departments, I would sometimes need to contact and converse with external departments and other government agencies, so accuracy and report taking were of upmost importance, as was clear and consise writing and communications.

I left the department voluntarily to forward my career in my own business venture of Events planning, which I set up in 2007.

Key Skills
Excellent communication and wrtten skills, accurate,minute taking, communication,excellent organisational skills, excellent interpersonal skills Organisational Skills

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College Level -

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