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For several years, the oil business in Belize looked rather bleak. In about 50 years, oil companies had been prospecting in the area without success. 50 companies had sunk $450 million into searching for oil, only to come up empty-handed. Susan Morrice, an Irish-American geologist, joined that search in 1984, later partnering with Mike Usher, but they never found anything. Then, they attended an Educo™ seminar conducted by Tony Quinn. Their fellow seminar attendees believed in their vision, and they ended up investing in the company. In 2005, this investment turned out to be worthwhile. Using Educo™ techniques from the seminars, the company struck oil on its first try, defying all of the odds.

Susan Morrice attributes the success of the company, Belize Natural Energy Ltd (BNE), to Tony Quinn and his techniques in helping them to achieve their goals. Now, the company is a top employer and top revenue earner in Belize.

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