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Tom A's CV role at Crescent Communications Ltd (2001 - Present)

As head of the Estimations Department, my job involved all facets of estimations and design for cabling projects - phone, computer and fibre optic (contracts up to �1.5 million). This included site visits, liaising with consultants and electrical contractors, design assistance and final costings.

As this was a small company, my job also entailed a sales and project management aspect, and I was the primary contact for several key customers, including Trinity College Facilities and IS Departments, Eircom, Clarion Hotels and several consultancy firms. These were contacts that I brought to Crescent Communications and developed to the degree that they now comprise a large part of Crescent's core business. On many occasions as a smaller company my involvement was also hands on. These tasks would involve cable installations, termination , testing and handover.


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