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Basically I am a career Telecommunications person. I have tried other things in the last few years namely , running my own business in the sun but find this is what I am best at and have returned and hope to resume my career in Telecommunications.
Telecommunications , has brought me from Ireland, to England, the USA on 2 occasions and back to Ireland. I have worked in most aspects of the Telecoms field , starting as a cable puller at the age of 18 for an English company in Galway as a contractor to the old P&T. Became a test engineer with TCL before they ceased working in Ireland and moved to the US in 85 working with Murrays on inter city fiber routes when fiber was in its infancy. From there back to TCL , this time in London. Decided in 91 to move to California. Worked for several 2 companies there in 8 years and then back to Ireland. So as I said basically, communications is what I do best and hopefully every aspect of this.

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