Toby Kuperwaser - Toby Kuperwaser takes pride in widening his education experience.

Unit Head at Camp Yavneh



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To most people, history is a vast assortment of facts, names, and dates gathered in books for students to memorize. To Toby Kuperwaser, a history major and with a minor in political science at Brandeis University, history is a roadmap that leads to the state of the world today and into the future. After graduation, Toby Kuperwaser aims to work in international relations, a field where he believes history is made every day.

Before enrolling in Brandeis University, Toby Kuperwaser worked with youths as a counselor at Camp Yavneh, a sleep-away camp for Jewish boys, ages 8 to 10. At the New Hampshire-based summer spot, Toby Kuperwaser looked after more than 20 boys for 1 to 2 months.

Toby Kuperwaser's Professional Experience

2009 - 2010

Camp Yavneh - Unit Head

Provide educational and recreational activities for youth.