Thomas Malone - DIT- Marketing & Enterprise Student

Bar Staff at Guinness Storehouse, Dublin



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Skills Profile:

Teamwork: Can work independently or as part of a team. Able to motivate others and build lasting relationship; essential to successful completion of various group projects/case studies set by academic staff.

Leadership: Leadership skills developed through team captain in football, Class captain in school and class representative in college.

Communications: Deliver presentations in a concise, logical format and able to respond effectively under pressure. Can write reports and business correspondence. Enjoy participating in class group discussions.

Interpersonal: Can get on with a wide range of people, good motivator and able to support others. Patient, able to inspire trust, good listener and lead by example.

Problem Solving: Strong analytical and capacity for research and able to solve practical problems using creativity and resourcefulness. Pay close attention to detail.

Thomas Malone's Professional Experience

2008 - Present

Guinness Storehouse, Dublin - Bar Staff

• Served drinks to vast amount of tourists upon arrival
in Storehouse
• Provided a friendly, efficient customer service.
• Handled a range of financial transactions on a daily basis
• Worked as part of a large team preparing functions
for prestigious guests.
• Trained in customer service and
also courses to promote responsible drinking.

Key Skills
Customer Service bar tourism
2009 - 2010

De Danu Bar & Lounge Toulouse, France - Bar Staff

• De Danu is a small Irish Bar in Toulouse owned by Trevor Brennan.
• Worked here as a Barman during year abroad in Toulouse.
• Responsible for serving large amounts of people through French, particularly during Toulouse Rugby matches.

Key Skills
bar france
2008 - 2008

National Yacht Club Toronto, Canada - Bar Manager

• Worked here during a summer abroad in Toronto Canada.
• Worked as a waiter & as a bar manager.
• Was responsible for serving exclusive guests in a private bar.
• Was responsible for dealing with large cash transactions.

Key Skills
bar manager Canada Waiter
2006 - 2006

The Educational Company of Ireland, Dublin - Sales assistant

• Worked here for a summer with the aim of increasing seasonal sales.
• Acquired important sales techniques.
• Worked as part of a team to clear targets.
• Learned the importance of effective merchandising.

Key Skills