What People Are Saying About Worky

We think Worky provides a great service to jobseekers, freelancers, employees, small business owners, employers and recruitment agencies, but don't take our word for it, read what some of our customers have to say. And if you'd like to try Worky for yourself you can join in here as an individual member or here as a company.

"I have made some really useful contacts through Worky and I've been approached by some potential clients both here & abroad for my Market Research & Consumer Insight services. I like the fact that my Twitter feed is integrated into my Worky profile and I've had some really interesting discussions in Worky Groups"

Colette Quinn, Managing Director

"I used Worky to recruit a new Head of Sales. Worky was the only site that provided a candidate of the quality that was required for the role and I managed to make a hire for significantly less than it would have cost through a job board or recruitment agency."

Caelen King, CEO

"I was really impressed with the volume and quality of applicants for a job posting I put on Worky. I was also contacted by an individual with experience very specific to my business and may end up doing some work with him. Although it's not what I was originally looking for it shows that people will use your site for business development above and beyond regular staff recruitment."

John Dennehy, Managing Director

"I've used Worky to recruit for a senior role at XCommunications. We shortlisted 5 candidates and interviewed two highy qualified ones. I love being able to control who you call for interview rather than relying on the judgement of a recruitment agency."

Amy Grange, Project Manager

"I've used Worky to promote my business services within the network. After following up on a group post, I managed to land a new client for a significant development project."

Eamon Leonard, Managing Director

"I like the way Worky matched my skills against relevant jobs advertised on the website. As a result I was approached by my current employer and I'm now Sales and Marketing Manager with RevaHealth.com."

Conor Leech, Sales & Marketing Manager

"Since posting my company VitaminC on Worky my listings on google have been superb across many of the key search words. We are well up there with the big boy brand research houses!"

Eoghan Crawford