TEODOR NICOARA - I am hard-working,punctual and cooperative

jeweler full time at S.C Sabion Elen S.R.L(L.T.D.) www.sabion.ro



Current location


Work category

Manufacturing and Operations


Higher Diploma

Profile Activity

-I am hard working, punctual and cooperative
-I am able to work under stressful conditions
-I possess excellent communication skills
-I have experience in leading a team and dealing with customers

HOBBIES: -playing chess or other fun games on the computer
-listening music sometimes
-artistic painting or drawing
-sports and travel in the holiday time

TEODOR NICOARA's Professional Experience

2001 - 2007

S.C Sabion Elen S.R.L(L.T.D.) www.sabion.ro - jeweler full time

manufacturing of jewelers and fixing stones and diamonds to jewelers

Key Skills
jewelry industry

TEODOR NICOARA's Education and Qualifications


Higher Diploma - baccalaureate degree, specialization transportation technician

Aurel Persu High-School of Targu-Mures, Co: Mures, ROMANIA

TEODOR NICOARA's Additional Information




interested in a better future and a better level of life


-I possess full driving license categories B and C
-I worked as a painter of houses in the off days
-I have good skills in drawing, graphics, artistic painting and wish for creativity
-I took part in activities of constructing all kinds of experimental miniature models: (car models, ship, airplane-models and buildings)
-I am a computer and internet user, and the easy accommodation in other fields