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Tara Medium experienced her first vision at five years old, dreaming of her missing godfather visiting and assuring her the two would meet soon. A few days after this apparitional interaction, young Tara learned that her missing godfather had indeed been found, and she saw him on the day the specter promised. From that day forward she has pursued development of her prescient perceptions.

As the years progressed, Tara Medium experienced stronger and more elaborate visions. By the time she was 15, Tara recalls, she only needed to meet a person once to feel his or her energy and perhaps forecast the future. She likens these predictive images to movie reels passing before her eyes.

Tara Medium met with a Western Spirit Master in her late teens, accompanying him across the globe to meet with other seers and learn occult sciences. Though she rarely engages these tools, she studied how to utilize supplementary devices such as tarot decks, oracles, talismans, runes, and numerology.

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