Syed Khurram Abbas Jaffery - Manager Customer Care Center at Mobilink (An Orascom Telecom Company)

MANAGER CUSTOMER CARE CENTER at Mobilink (An Orascom Telecom Company)



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Syed Khurram Abbas Jaffery's MANAGER CUSTOMER CARE CENTER role at Mobilink (An Orascom Telecom Company) (2008 - Present)

Currently working as "Manager Customer Care Center – Rahim Yar Khan" in “Mobilink” the subsidiary of “Orascom Telecom”


• Overseeing and handling of administrative issues.
• Performance monitoring of CCRs and taking necessary steps for individual / team improvement.
• Training needs analysis and have they arranged by and through QAST.
• Maintain office decorum.
• Availability of systems and tools. Assurance of data security and confidentiality.
• Grooming of Customer Care Center staff.
• Performance appraisals.
• Create & Implement plans for continuous improvement of Customer Care Experience
• Implement Customer Care strategies to achieve targets.
• Monitor performance of each segment and ensure consistent performance of Center.
• Effective Customer relationship management
• Implement processes to reduce work load and increase efficiency to satisfy the Customers’ needs
• Coordinate and follow up with different departments to resolve the issue in a timely manner
• Minimize churn and increase revenue through relationship management and effective Customer Care
• Execute special tasks and projects assigned by the management
• Monitoring KPIs
• Ensure compliance with budgets, targets, and deadlines through the implementation of cost-efficient controls.
• Ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards


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