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Free Lance Translator at HRS Hotel Reservation Service



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Susana Alves's Journalist role at EsposendeRádio (2007 - 2010)

As a journalist, the primary function is to seek out news and bring them out to the public, presenting the stories in a clear, engaging style. The job includes attending press launches, council meetings and other events; interview people by phone or in person; respond to tip-offs, calls and news releases; record notes in shorthand or on tape. Besides the pressures of working to deadlines and getting stories out ahead of competition, a journalist must keep the stories balanced, fair and lawful.

As a radio journalist, I was also focused on broadcasting and presenting news and author programs.

Developed experience in production tools and audio editing software – Adobe and Sony.

Responsible for the radio´s social media – Twitter, Facebook, and blog, on current affairs and special events.


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