Sula Mazimba - Frequent contributor to medical journals and online teaching modules

Assistant Clinical Professor at Wright State University-Boonshoft School of Medicine

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United States

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A frequent contributor to medical journals and online teaching modules, Dr. Sula Mazimba serves as a Cardiology Fellow at the Kettering Medical Center in Ohio.

In the August 2010 journal of Emergency Medicine Reports, Dr. Sula Mazimba contributed to an article titled “Medical Advance in the Evaluation and Treatment of Heart Failure.” For an educational course entitled “Hypertension Update,” Dr. Sula Mazimba wrote the coursework for AHC Media, an online education portal for continuing medical education. Writing for Adventist International Medical Society Journal, Dr. Sula Mazimba reported on a recent trip that he and the staff of Kettering Hospital took to Zambia, where they contributed to the medical and spiritual well-being of a small village.

A native Zambian, Dr. Sula Mazimba obtained his Bachelor of Science in Human Biology in 1994. Completing his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Zambia in Lusaka in 2000,

Sula Mazimba's Education and Qualifications


Masters/PostGrad - MEDICINE

Wright State University


PhD/Doctorate - Internal Medicine residency

Wright state/Kettering Medical Center


PhD/Doctorate - MEDICINE

University of Zambia


Bachelor/Degree - Human Biology

University of Zambia

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