Stewart Conal Wynne - HR Specialist & Professional Service Management Consultant

Senior Procurement & Talent Acquisition Manager EMEA at Sodexo S.A.



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HR and Recruitment



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Whilst seeking a full time role abroad in the Procurement & HR sector, Stewart is a Master’s Degree qualified, (>12 years experience), HR Specialist & Professional Service Management Consultant to SMEs & ILAs Globally Tri-lingual with a multicultural background, based in Italy for 30 years and worked & lived in Holland, Germany & France on a frequent basis for Japanese, Italian & French Global Organizations.
Extensive past experience as a Pan European Senior Procurement & Talent Acquisition Director (EMEA) in multi-cultural and multinational contexts at Pan-European levels in diverse sectors.
Advisor to HR directors / CEOs / Board of Directors for mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, strategy, assessment projects, personnel.

Very strong negotiator, experienced in sourcing top talent from across the globe, and in charge of a multicultural team to deliver positive results. Fluent in both English and Italian with excellent French.

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