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Steven Palumbo is a decorated medical devices sales representative in Massachusetts. Steven Palumbo has consistently earned placement in the Quota Club and even been recognized multiple times as the top performer in his region. Steven Palumbo has succeeded in medical sales roles with companies like Meridian Bioscience, Becton Dickinson, and Nanosphere.

Steven Palumbo hates the thought of being labeled a stereotypical medical industry guy, and has several unique hobbies. He has a number of tattoos, and in fact has long count of how many tattoos he has. Additionally, Steven Palumbo does some part-time modeling work for Karon Shea Model Management. You can also find videos on Youtube detailing some of the other personal hobbies Steven Palumbo has, like his Harley motorcycle, and professional accomplishments, like public relations work he completed for his father's memoir, "Italian Days, Arabian Nights."

Steven Palumbo's Professional Experience

2012 - Present

CL - MedTech Sector "Independent" Client Consultation Specialist

*Research Firm Independent Consultant Specialist specializing in the MedTech / OR Surgical industries.
*Work with prospective clients to help them gain a better understanding of the factors and issues afftecting business and investment decisions. Taking an objective approach in serving the world's leading institutions with "specialised knowledge".
*Consultations include: private telephone consultations, conference calls, round table lunches and dinners, private meetings, and in-depth engagements.
*Clientele includes some of the world's leading hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity firms and strategy consultancies.


Key Skills
Drivers Hedge Funds strategy
2005 - Present

Karon Shea Model Management - Model (Part-time)

*ModelMayhem - Mayhem #2609364
*Express Men Photo Shoot; 2005
*Bridal Show Runway Model for Mr. Tux Tuxedo, Co.; 2006, 2007
*Bose Commercial Photo Shoot; 2006
*"Third World" - Secret Service Agent: Movie Shoot; 9/2007 (Photographer)
-Joel Feingold (Photographer)

Key Skills
HTTP photographer
2011 - 2011

"A Memoir" By: Vittorio Palumbo - Manager: Public Relations / Marketing

*Heavily promoted Father's recently published Biography, "Italian Days, Arabian Nights: Coming of Age in the Shadow of Mussolini." PROUD to say that on 4/15/11 we received word that it had made the Harvard University Bookstore "Best Seller's List" and is #1 in Paperback sales for the last 52+ weeks running! Recently recruited Agent is now handling "all" of my prior responsiblities and negotiations.

*Harvard University Bookstore "Best Seller's List" #1 Paperback in sales for the last 52+ weeks running.

Key Skills
HTTP italian
2010 - 2011

Meridian Bioscience - Technical Sales Representative

*Sell Illumigene Molecular Diagnostic Platform and reagents for C-Diff testing with rapid / stat turn around time along with full line of Rapid testing Immunocard platforms for STAT Campy, STAT EHEC, and STAT HpSA to Hospitals, Clinical Labs, and Reference Labs.

*"1st Place Finish" - Eastern Region, with 8 converted units during the "4 for April 15th Conversion Promo". Next Rep in line - 3 units; Q2FY11
*22% Above Plan and 18% Above Plan in 2 of 3 Product Line Focuses; Q1 FY11, Q2 FY11
*"Multiple" (10) successful conversions at Major Diagnostic Facilities in the New England and Boston Metro Area saturated with competition; Q4 FY10, Q1 FY11, Q2 FY11
*Successfully implemented / converted Molecular Diagnostic Capital Equipment in a very aggressive market for a company known not to be a "Molecular" Player; Q4 FY10, Q1 FY11, Q2 FY11
*"One of only Two" Successful Capital Sales Consultants (out of an existing group of 25) recruited "As An Agent of Change" to bring this company's emerging Molecular Diagnostic platform to market in a Top-Tiered Territory; Boston, MA; Q4 FY10

2007 - 2010

Nanosphere - Molecular Diagnostics Clinical Sales Representative

*Advancing molecular diagnostics through the power of “nanotechnology”.

*Represented The Verigene System and various assays for the entire virgin NE region / territory. Recent FDA Cleared Capital Molecular Diagnostic equipment sales, for DNA based genetic mutation testing. Specialties include Hyper-coagulation (Factor V Leiden, Factor 2 Prothrombin, MTHFR), Warfarin Metabolism, HFE, and CF. Key customers include all Hospital’s, Reference Labs, and Physician Offices / Labs.

*"Managed" a Team of 5 individuals each playing a critical role from installation to validation to CS and repairs once the sale was complete.

-Two years in and due to downsizing, I was then responsible for all aspects of sales cycle: Contract, Install, Training, Evaluation & Validation, bi-weekly data downloads and Minor Repairs.

*Quota Club: 2007, 2008 (Startup - No Sales Contests / Leader Ladders)
*#3 Territory / Rep (Includes annual capital purchases, competitive conversions, and monthly disposable reagent test cartridge volume generated.) MA, NH, VT, ME, CT, RI, NY); FY07, FY08, FY09
*Largest Nanosphere Warfarin Metabolism Account Conversion, Stamford Hospital; FY08
*Solidified Research Collaboration Agreement with Lahey Clinic Medical Center; FY07
*Successfully implemented The Nanosphere Name & The Verigene Platform into the NE based marketplace.

Key Skills
data FDA Repairs Validation
2004 - 2006

BECTON DICKINSON DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEMS - Molecular Diagnostics Sales Specialist

*Manage BD ProbeTec ET (manual) and BD Viper SP (automated) product lines in the Boston based territory; Capital Diagnostic equipment/contract sales and disposable reagents for Nucleic Acid Amplified Testing of STD's(i.e. CT/GC).
*Key customers include all Hospital Labs, Reference Labs, Physician Office Labs, & Departments of Public Health.

*Quota Club: 2005, 2006
*"Rookie of the Year Candidate", 2005
*Top performing “Rookie” conversions at Hospital St. Raphaels, Graham Massey Analytical Labs, Dedham Medical Associates; complete line / manual (80K ea), FY05
*BD Viper Sample Processor competitive conversion (cash sale instrument (172K) / 5 yr RR (3.5MM), Lawrence General Hospital; complete line / fully automated, FY06
*7 Successful competitive conversions; complete line / manual (80K ea), FY06
*Million Dollar Line Up - One of several Team Members responsible for 2.1MM in converted competitor business across the BD portfolio; Partners Health System, FY04
*Million Dollar Line Up - One of several Team Members responsible for 1.6MM in converted competitor business across the BD portfolio; Yankee Alliance Health System, FY03
*Consistently finishing in the Top 4 for annual sales performance since FY98; Outstanding work performance review every year.

2003 - 2004

BECTON DICKINSON OPHTHALMIC SYSTEMS - Ophthalmic (ENT / General Surgery) Surgical Sales Trainer - Eastern Region

"MANAGED" and "FIELD TRAINED" an average of 8 Eastern Region Sales and Marketing new hires. Areas included were: Administrative / Expense Signoffs and Budget Maintenance, Individual Quota Maintenance, OR Surgical Etiquette, all General Surgery Products and Procedures, all Surgical Ophthalmic & ENT Products & Procedures, Disposable, Reusable, & Capital Equipment Products - Techniques, and the Surgical Sales Process.

Key Skills
Marketing Surgical Sales
1998 - 2004

BECTON DICKINSON OPHTHALMIC SYSTEMS - Ophthalmic (ENT / General Surgery) Surgical Consultant

*Managed Beaver, Visitec, & K4000 Surgical Product Lines in the Boston based territory; MA, NH, VT, CT, RI, ME, NY - Largest Surgical Ophthalmic, ENT, & General Surgery Instrumentation territory (geographically and annualized $2.3MM; disposables, reusables, custom kits and capital equipment) in the country. Key customers included all Hospital OR's, Surgery Center OR's, Laser Vision Centers, and Doctor's offices.

*Quota Club: 1997,98,99,00,01,02,03,04
*Winner's Circle Recipient - #1 representative in the country, 2000; only representative to hit budget in all 3 product categories. Annual sales increase of 24 % to prior year - Pinnacle of Sales Career Success.
*Winner's Circle Recipient - #1 representative in the country, 2001; Annual sales increase of 22% to prior year - Pinnacle of Sales Career Success..
*#3 representative in the country, 2002; Annual sales increase of 20% to prior year.
*President's Club Recipient / Top 5%; FY00,01,02,03,04
*1st Place Finish - Eastern Region "Big Dog" Account conversion contest, 2002
*1st Place Finish - Kit & Kaboodle Campaign; Top Custom Refractive Kit sales performer, 2000, 01, 02, 03
*1st Place Finish - "I Can See Clearly Now" Clear Cornea Campaign; Top Clear Cornea sales performer, 1999, 00, 01, 02, 03
*2nd Place Finish - Perfect Pupil Sales Campaign, 2001
*1st Place Finish - In-Sight Sales Campaign; Top ACS microkeratome blade sales performance, 2000
*600% increase of sales at #1 BDOS Ophthalmic Account (Mass Eye & Ear Infirmary), 1999
*Largest converted mobile Laser Facility to full line of Refractive Products and Kits, 2001
*“Rookie of the Year Candidate” , 1998

1997 - 1998


Surgical Sales Analyst
*Responsible for performing sales analysis reports and sales support tasks for the Surgical Systems' sales force.
*Computed sales commissions for the BDSS compensation plan.
*Responsible for the U.S. Net Daily Sales Reporting, World Wide Product Line Reporting, and Budget reporting for the sales, marketing, and finance departments.
*Assisted the National Accounts Manager in comprising account proposals and OEM agreements, GPO Contract proposals and IDN network standardizations.

*Promoted to New England Surgical Consultant after 6 months.

Additional Training:
*Power of Preferred Positioning (P3), Carew International: 2000
*Strategic Selling, (Miller-Heiman): 2001
*The "New" Strategic Selling (Heiman): 2003, 2004
*Coaching for Performance and Development - "The Manager's Handbook": 2003
*Train the Trainer: 2003
*Developing Yourself to Coach Others (Successful Manager's Training): 2005
*HealthCare Assoc. Infections; Prevention & Control: 2010
*Blood Borne Pathogen Training: 1997 - Present
*HIPAA: 1997 - Present
*Safey Orientation for Ambulatory Care: 1997 - Present
*Ophthalmic Medical Assisting Exam / 3rd Edition; American Academy of Ophthalmology (Only Rep of 30 to score 100% - 148/148)

Key Skills
Accounts Manager finance Marketing Reports Sales Analyst Surgical Sales Trainer

Steven Palumbo's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - BE, Biomedical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering Track Elecetive

Vanderbilt University

Steven Palumbo's Additional Information


Customizing 2002 HD FatBoy-Recently published in Easyriders Magazine Issue448 Oct2010 page97. Action Sports adrenaline junky; Midddleboro, MA Outdoor Series MotoX Racer, SnoX, Snowboarding, Skiing, FlyFishing, Marksmanship. Spending time with Family, Friends, & co-workers. Promoting Father's recently published Biography; "Italian Days, Arabian Nights - Coming of Age in the Shadow of Mussolini." Currently printed and sold at Harvard University Bookstore; #1 Best Selling Paperback. TLC's Miami Ink Guest Appearance 8/4/2006.


*BD Ophthalmic Systems US Cataract Kit Launch Board Member FY04
*BD Ophthalmic Systems Sales Advisory Panel Member FY99,00,01,02,03
*BD Ophthalmic Systems Project Review Team Member FY01,02,03
*BD Ophthalmic Systems Internet Advisory Counsel Member FY02,03
-(Represented Ophthalmic Sales Organization for all above panels)
*Managed New England Region ophthalmic training classes for the core BD business units
*Field train new hires in sales and marketing with regards to ophthalmic products & surgical techniques
*BDOS ASCRS Steering Committee Member, FY00
*BD One Company Distributor Training Team Member, FY99
-(Represented Ophthalmic Sales Organization for all above panels)
*Lead Supervisor: Oversaw & managed production of a new Glaucoma blade specifically designed for Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary - 375701
*BioMedical Engineering Society Member (Vanderbilt University), 1993-1997
*Sigma Nu National Fraternity, 1994-1997
*Sigma Nu National Fraternity Novice Marshall, Fall 1996


*Successfully promoted & marketed Father's Biography (Italian Days, Arabian Nights: Coming of Age in the Shadow of Mussolini) to # 1 Paperback status 52 consecutive weeks on the Harvard University Bookstore "Best Seller's List"! Still running..
*MERIDIAN Bioscience Easter Region "Top Performer" - April 12th Account Conversion Promo; FY11 Q1
*NANOSPHERE “NE Clinical Sales Rep” FY07 (1 of only 6 individuals nationwide chosen to lead US based Start-Up Sales Force)
*BD Ophthalmic Systems Winner's Circle Award Recipient; FY00 & 01 / Pinnacle of Sales Career Success - #1 Representative
*BD Ophthalmic Systems President's Club Recipient; FY00,01,02,03,04, / Top 5%
*BD US Sales Leadership Club Member; FY01,02,03,04,05, / Top 10%
*BD Million Dollar Line Up Award Member, Partners Health System FY04
*BD Million Dollar Line Up Award Member, Yankee Alliance Health System FY03
*BD Northeast Q3 All Pro of the Quarter Recognition Award Recipient FY00
*BD Rookie of the Year Candidate FY98,05