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United States

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Medical and Nursing



An award-winning pediatrician, Steven Abelowitz, MD, frequently shares his medical expertise via local and national media outlets. He has appeared on television affiliates KABC and KCBS and on local station KCAL. Dr. Abelowitz was also featured on Dr. Nancy, a health and medical program that previously aired on MSNBC. In print, Steven Abelowitz, MD, has shared his knowledge in the newspaper column “Ask the Doctors,” published in the Orange County Register.

Steven Abelowitz, MD, presently serves as Medical Director at Coastal Kids Pediatric Medical Group, a practice he established in Orange County, California. He launched the independent medical group, prompted by the drive to provide personalized care to parents like himself. Today, he oversees a rapidly expanding practice that spans three locations and serves the medical needs of children of all ages. In prior years, Dr. Abelowitz held the position of Medical Director and President at Newport Children’s Medical Group.

Steven Abelowitz's Professional Experience

1998 - Present

Coastal Kids Pediatrics - Medical Director

Involved with direct pediatric patient care as well as management of the pediatric group

Steven Abelowitz's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Pediatrics Residency and Internship

University of California, Irvine

Top Resident awards and multiple commendations

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Tennis, movies, reading, chess