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As an established SEO I am able to bring significant traffic to any website with improved search engine results and unique marketing ideas. As the discipline of SEO has evolved so has my approach to how it is done.

My experience with optimising website architecture and ability to present search engine reports should show a clear path of improvement in any online business.

Recently I have spent more time working on improving site conversions, streamlining reporting through smarter analytics use, social media strategies, understanding microformat and HTML5 code improvements and providing trackable deliverables.

on Thu, 15 Aug 2013

Barry Smith

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WordPress - Blogging Tool

The following course shows you how to create a blog using WordPress. The course is broken down into simple stages explaining how to create an account and utilise the WordPress application to its maximum potential.

Once the course is completed, there is a short assessment which entitles anyone who completes it successfully, to an official Worky Certificate and a badge of completion on their Worky profile.

Pass Rate: 80%

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