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As an established SEO I am able to bring significant traffic to any website with improved search engine results and unique marketing ideas. As the discipline of SEO has evolved so has my approach to how it is done.

My experience with optimising website architecture and ability to present search engine reports should show a clear path of improvement in any online business.

Recently I have spent more time working on improving site conversions, streamlining reporting through smarter analytics use, social media strategies, understanding microformat and HTML5 code improvements and providing trackable deliverables.

Barry Smith's Professional Experience

2012 - Present

Digitalis Reputation - Principal Consultant

Responsible for analysis, design, scheduling, construction and delivery of solutions to meet client expectations.

Duties include

o Identification of solutions that solve business problems and streamline processes
o Develop products and services for use on projects
o Scoping and budgeting
o Mentoring Consultants and supporting Managing Consultants

Key Skills
2011 - Present

Justified Media Ltd - Owner

Providing SEO consultation and auditing for various companies and individuals.

Creating various SEO and marketing tools.

Key Skills
Auditing Marketing
2012 - 2012

Digitalis Reputation - SERP Director

Digitalis Reputation is the UK’s leading and fastest growing online reputation management agency.

Digitalis Reputation is private-equity backed by big city names, and has developed proprietary technology which enables us to provide online reputation and risk management for many corporate brands and individual clients including FTSE names, celebrity and high net worth individuals.

My current duties include

o SERP analysis
o Link campaign strategizing
o Management, training and development of staff directly under me
o Tool development and testing

Key Skills
2008 - 2011

Gaming Media Group - Head of SEO

Gaming Media Marketing is the parent company of what was Poker Heaven Ltd (and subsequently Gaming Media Group) and in the 3 years I have been there we have launched several new web properties including B2B services with SEO consultancy, have taken much of the technical infrastructure in house.

While there have been many projects I have managed in my time there, my activities at time of leaving included

o Diversifying traffic streams, specifically social media and other language/search engine traffic.
o Conversion Rate Optimisation, which required significantly complex tracking systems be introduced.
o SEO player tracking, similar to the conversion tracking but accounting for search traffic.
o Code specific optimisation (awaiting implementation) for HTML5 and microformats.

Key Skills
B2B Marketing
2008 - 2008

Betfair - Poker SEO Executive

Poker Marketing Executive - SEO, Betfair, London
April '08 – September '08

Betfair is a leading online gambling company with a poker room, for which I was responsible for the SEO efforts.The role included on and off page optimisation, organising content for several online poker properties, link builder development and various site architecture features.

Key Achievements:

o Attained top rankings for chosen keywords for several online poker properties.
o Instrumental in increasing real money player registrations through increased online exposure.
o Developed strategies for overcoming site architecture shortfalls for several online poker properties.
o Improved reporting tools for weekly marketing meetings.

Key Skills
Marketing Marketing executive Poker Marketing
2007 - 2008

Poker Heaven - SEO Manager

SEO Manager, Poker Heaven, London
April 2007 – April 2008

Poker Heaven Ltd encompassed a range of online sites including, and I was in charge of on and off page optimisation, site architecture and content among other tasks.

Key Achievements:

o Redesigned and launched it in over 6 languages.
o Redesigned
o Managed in house and outsourced agents for creative projects world-wide.
o Developed foreign languages SEO strategies

2005 - 2008

MGt - Team Leader - QA

Team Leader - QA, Mgt plc, Kirkcaldy, Fife
November 2005 – April 2007

Led a team of on site and off site personnel in auditing life insurance policy sales and ensuring Financial Services Authority standards.

Key Achievements:

o Managing a small team locally and remotely sharing workload effectively.
o Providing coaching and feedback which had measurable results.
o Was chosen as staff representative for over 100 people to attend top level management meetings an express the views and concerns of employees.

Key Skills
Auditing Financial Services team leader

Barry Smith's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Philosophy

The University of Dundee

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Outside of work I am interested in playing poker, watching movies, listening to music, playing guitar, playing xbox, drinking alcohol, romancing women, reading novels, reading science journals, attending concerts, travelling, enjoying fine culture, enjoying fine food, kung fu, badminton, basketball, dancing, Spanish, running websites, going to museums, writing, thinking, how stuff works, oxford commas, and hanging around with friends. There are probably other things I'm interested in that I've not yet discovered or have long since forgotten but I am always willing to try something twice in case I was wrong about it the first time.

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