Spiros Zorbalas - President and Chief Executive Officer of Alpha-Omega Companies

President and Chief Executive Officer at Alpha-Omega Companies.



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United States

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Spiros Zorbalas's President and Chief Executive Officer role at Alpha-Omega Companies. (1996 - Present)

Founder of a consortium of companies called the Alpha Omega Companies (“AOC”), which has now grown to include assets valued over $250M; major owner and operator of historic brownstones, new urban condominiums, multi-family apartment complexes, hotels, Gulf front estate homes and in-town villas properties in the FL, MN and Indiana markets, as well as having interests in major developments in Central and South America. In 2008, AOC was awarded the Fortune 5000 award for the 26th fastest growing private real estate consortium of companies in the US. The last 4 years a large focus has been distressed property markets, where AOC has consummated new acquisitions in hotels, condos, commercial space, and apartments in US, Costa Rica, Bolivia, and Argentina.


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