Sonia Johnston

Family Support Worker, Basildon Women's Aid at CAVS Children's Services, Basildon Women's Aid

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Sonia Johnston's Professional Experience

2009 - Present

CAVS Children's Services, Basildon Women's Aid - Family Support Worker, Basildon Women's Aid

As a Family Support Worker I: offer practical and emotional support to families on a range of issues relating to parenting and family life. This includes making assessments; monitoring and reviewing progress; liaising with, and sign-posting to, other professionals, and attending multi-agency meetings - sometimes as the Lead Professional. Work can be 1-1 and/or group, delivering evidence-based parenting programmes. I am responsible for maintaining records and written reports in accordance with National and service level policy and procedure, and to follow SET procedures where Child Protection issues arise. I have monthly case supervision and attend in-house service level meetings as required. I am responsible for my ongoing professional development, and keeping abreast of practice developments, through reading and attending training courses.

As a Counsellor I: provide counselling to children and young people who have experienced domestic violence; liaise with parents and colleagues; take part in weekly case management discussions with manager; attend relevant training as required; attend monthly meetings with clinical supervisor.

Sonia Johnston's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Anglia Ruskin University

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