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Widely-recognized as the ultimate turnkey aluminum and zinc die casting experts since 1982, Soldy has remained a byword in the entire die casting industry. Providing the perfect alloy for any application, Soldy manufactures aluminum and die cast parts and components that meet the most aggressive tolerances and the most critical requirements. Readily maintaining an unchallenged industrial leadership, Soldy has unfailingly remained committed to three business fundamentals: quality; performance; and precision. Soldy’s state-of-the-art in-house tooling allows for production, refurbishment and maintenance, all in one. Soldy employs the highest standards of mold flow analysis that can predict potential tool design issues even before they occur. Both aluminum casting and zinc casting at Soldy are expertly carried out using the most sophisticated equipment that include hot chamber, cold chamber, and even more advanced multiple machines with standalone furnaces that allow Soldy to run multiple alloys at once. Using customer-specific alloys, Soldy employs 25 hot (zinc) and cold (aluminum) chamber die cast machines ranging from one-ton miniature zinc die cast machines up to 1000-ton cold chamber aluminum die cast machines. Expanding to a full secondary operation center, Soldy operates across three shifts five days a week to more easily handle the steady growth brought about by its customers’ growing demand for aluminum and zinc die cast parts. Certified by the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) and Quality Assurance Systems (QAS) International, Soldy has maintained the highest standards in all aspects of its operations and administration. Offering less expensive yet higher quality products than typically-machined die cast components, Soldy stands by its commitment to unparalleled quality and excellent craftsmanship.

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