Sinead Phelan - Final year - Business and Management

Promotional Staff at Publicis D



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Accounting and Finance

Sinead Phelan's Professional Experience

2008 - Present

Publicis D - Promotional Staff

During my time in Publicis D I worked with many different members of the public. The promotions in which I took place in varied from marketing a certain product in places of consumer interest to the office environment. Throughout my experience I also gained an insight into employment from the employers perspective as I had to carry out a number of mystery shopping promotions. I believe this has add to the manner and ability I have to deal with a large variety of people and clientele issues I will be faced with.

Key Skills
2011 - 2011

Kelso-Burnett - Summer Intern

Filing, photocopying, scanning and other general office activities assisting project managers in their daily duties.

Key Skills
2010 - 2010

Scully Media - Promoter

During the launch of the Xbox Kinect, I was working in a temporary store on Grafton Street for a month which was created to build awareness and create a hype about the product. My time working with Xbox was a fantastic experience and one which I really enjoyed, I demonstrated the new product on a daily basis and got the customers involved. Throughout the demonstration I also informed them of the price of product and the availability with the overall aim to try to get customers to sign on to a pre-order sheet at the end of the experience.

2007 - 2009

Verve - Promoter

While I worked in Verve I become associated with many different brands. These varied from Coca Cola and Tim Hortons to name a few. During my work experience I also had large amounts of contact with members of the public. I was named to be one of the top promoters while working with Verve on many occasions. Throughout my time with Verve the extent to which I had had to deal with a large variety of people and clientelle has helped my communication skills greatly.

Key Skills
Communication skills Marketing Promotions