Sinead Phelan - Final year - Business and Management

Promotional Staff at Publicis D



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Accounting and Finance

Sinead Phelan's Professional Experience

2008 - Present

Publicis D - Promotional Staff

During my time in Publicis D I worked with many different members of the public. The promotions in which I took place in varied from marketing a certain product in places of consumer interest to the office environment. Throughout my experience I also gained an insight into employment from the employers perspective as I had to carry out a number of mystery shopping promotions. I believe this has add to the manner and ability I have to deal with a large variety of people and clientele issues I will be faced with.

Key Skills
2011 - 2011

Kelso-Burnett - Summer Intern

Filing, photocopying, scanning and other general office activities assisting project managers in their daily duties.

Key Skills
2010 - 2010

Scully Media - Promoter

During the launch of the Xbox Kinect, I was working in a temporary store on Grafton Street for a month which was created to build awareness and create a hype about the product. My time working with Xbox was a fantastic experience and one which I really enjoyed, I demonstrated the new product on a daily basis and got the customers involved. Throughout the demonstration I also informed them of the price of product and the availability with the overall aim to try to get customers to sign on to a pre-order sheet at the end of the experience.

2007 - 2009

Verve - Promoter

While I worked in Verve I become associated with many different brands. These varied from Coca Cola and Tim Hortons to name a few. During my work experience I also had large amounts of contact with members of the public. I was named to be one of the top promoters while working with Verve on many occasions. Throughout my time with Verve the extent to which I had had to deal with a large variety of people and clientelle has helped my communication skills greatly.

Key Skills
Communication skills Marketing Promotions

Sinead Phelan's Education and Qualifications


second level/high school education -

St. Michaels, Loreto Secondary School

Sinead Phelan's Additional Information




In secondary school I regularly received various merit awards for being an extremely hard-working student and selected as student of the year in my transition year.

Out of the 155 students that are in my year in college, myself and one other girl were the only two who achieved over 500 points. This enabled me to achieve a scholarship on entering the DT365 Business and Management programme which I am very proud of.