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Dr. Sherwin Kevy received a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the New York University College of Dentistry. Upon completion of his DDS, Dr. Kevy engaged in postgraduate training in dentistry at the Beth Israel Medical Center, located in Newark, New Jersey.

A longtime photographer, Dr. Sherwin Kevy is an experienced dark room developer as well as a participant in the world of digital photography. In his spare time, he enjoys participating in activities with his friends and family. Dedicated to giving back to his local community, Dr. Kevy volunteers as a Boy Scouts of America parent while donating financial resources to local church events in addition to charities related to breast cancer awareness and Crohn’s disease. Further, he supports national nonprofits such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the American Heart Association.

Sherwin Kevy's Professional Experience

1994 - Present

Sherwin Kevy DDS - Owner

One of Maryland’s leading family dentists, Dr. Sherwin Kevy, has spent nearly two decades at the helm of an independent dental office located in the Gaithersburg suburb of Montgomery Village, where he treats patients with a broad array of general dentistry needs. As a cornerstone of his dental practice, Dr. Sherwin Kevy strives to build trusting, personal relationships with his patients and their families, in the belief that these interactions improve patient outcomes while fostering strong and healthy communities. As a community leader and the father of adolescents, he retains an interest in the lives of young people and serves as trusted adult for teenage patients to speak to about their daily lives and future ambitions.

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PhD/Doctorate - Post Grad General Practice

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center



PhD/Doctorate - Dentistry

New York University

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I like spending time with my family. Photography - Seascapes, candids. I've spent a lot of time (decades) with film cameras and dark rooms and am starting to get into digital photography


Charitable Affiliations: I give on a regular basis to : Heart Association Breast Cancer Awareness Crohn's Disease I've never said no to giving to charities I freely give when asked - Church activities, Boy Scouts of America activities, etc. Most recently I have given to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Professional Organizations: American Dentist Associations, Maryland Dentist Association - member for a number of years