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During her 39-year career as a jewelry designer and silversmith, Shelly Culea has pursued a wide range of artistic, academic, and charitable efforts. In her years growing up just outside of Kansas City, Kansas, Shelly Culea gravitated toward 3-D model making and paper-mache, with which she created clay animal figures, heads, and masks. Upon high school graduation, she entered The University of Kansas, majoring in Jewelry and Silversmithing. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the institution in Lawrence, Shelly Culea commenced a career in silversmithing, jewelry design, and goldsmithing.

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Bachelor/Degree - B.A., Jewelry and Silversmithing

University of Kansas

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Silversmithing, Jewelry making, Gardening, Cooking, Bird watching, Physical fitness, Reading


The Women's Club of Wisconsin, The Milwaukee Art Museum Garden Club


In 1972, Shelly Culea moved to Minneapolis, when the city was considered a flourishing center of jewelry manufacturing. She acted as a Bench Jeweler at Kirchner Corporation, where she sized engagement and wedding rings and quickly became adept at enlarging or reducing the rings’ sizes in 10 to 15 minutes on average. In 1973, she founded Shelly Culea Jewelry & Silversmithing, a company whose team designs jewelry and hollowware for an array of customers, including individuals and other resellers.