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I am an 36 year old single mother looking for part-time work, would consider full time if the money was right.I am open-minded and willing to learn new things. I have completed computer courses to a diploma degree. I have also done a sage quick pay accounts course while my children were small. Over 5 years ago a local supermarket opened up and I got a job there as It was ideal for me at the time, I am still working there but am now looking for a change. I have a great working relationship with the owner/manager and the other members of staff. I just feel its time for something new!

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Certificate - Computerized payroll,IT

Aras rualagh

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I like to go on long walks, dont get to do it that often though. I like swimming and going skating on a Sunday with the children. I like to meet new and interesting people.I have helped out with the local women's group and helped get the elderly people to clubs and at voting time I bring some to the voting poll . I did a campaign with the local club to try to encorage the local people to vote as the voting % is low in my area, which doesnt help in the area.


I started off doing a basic comuter course and continue on to do the Advanced ECDL.
I then did a computerised accounts/payroll course
then I did a Sage quick pay course.

Previous to that before I had my children I always did bar work and got cert trained in Killarney Co was a qulified bar person to a 5 star standard for hotels.