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County Development Officer at Mayo Macra Na Feírme



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I am a Dublin City University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Politics and Law. I work very well as part of a team and have very good communication skills.

Shane Quigley's Certificates

31 May 2012
13 Jun 2013

Shane Quigley's Professional Experience

2013 - Present

Castlebar Macra Na Feírme - Club Treasurer

As club treasurer it is my responsibility to look after the club’s bank account and to account for all monies entering or leaving the clubs account. It is also my responsibility to ensure that all membership fees are paid to Macra head office when they fall due. I also have to collect all money raised from fundraisers for the club from members.

Key Skills
budgeting finance Fundraising
2013 - Present

Mayo Macra Na Feírme - County Development Officer

As county development officer it is my responsibility to ensure that things run smoothly within existing clubs in the county. Also it is my job to promote the setting up of new Macra clubs within Mayo, there have recently been two new clubs set up, and I am now responsible for helping them with any problems they may face. I am also hoping to be involved with setting up at least one more club in Mayo this year.

Key Skills
communication Development Officer promotion Teamwork
2012 - 2013

Castlebar Macra Na Feírme - Public Relations Officer

As Public Relations Officer for Castlebar Macra my duties included maintaining a strong relationship with businesses throughout the town as we rely heavily on their continuing support. Another responsibility I had was to design posters for any events we host and promote the events through local radio, newspapers and social media. While I was in charge of the club Facebook page it grew from having 360 friends to more than 1200 when my term ended.

Key Skills
communication Public Relations Social Media
2010 - 2010

Dara Calleary TD - Constituency office worker

During this summer job in Dara Calleary's constituency office, my main tasks included general office work, such as answering phones and dealing with constituents who came into the office. I also conducted some research on the EU designated Special Protection Area (S.P.A.) in Mayo which has caused some controversy in the south of the county. Finally, I compiled a database of electors, their e-mail addresses and mobile numbers of constituents in order to prepare for a general election campaign.

Key Skills
Administration Microsoft Office politics

Shane Quigley's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Economics, Politics andLaw

Dublin City University (DCU)

Subjects studied for my degree included Irish Legal System, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Political Economy, Company Law, Financial Markets and others.

As well as providing me with a thorough grounding in the understanding of Economics, Politics and Law my degree work has also taught me effective time management and prioritisation skills, organisational skills and analytical skills.


second level/high school education -

St Geralds College

Leaving Certificate:

Irish Ordinary - C3
English Ordinary - A2
Mathematics Ordinary - B2
French Ordinary - C3
Business Higher - C1
Economics Higher - C1
Geography Higher - C3

Shane Quigley's Additional Information



I have been a member of Macra Na Feírme Castlebar since the club was started by a group of my friends in 2010. As part of this I have been a member of the organising committee for the past three years of a major event in the Club Calendar, the “Know Your Neighbour Weekend”. Castlebar Macra organise a family fun day on the Mall in Castlebar, which for the past two years has attracted a crowds of around 2,000 people.

Other activities I have done involving Macra are representing Castlebar Macra in both the National Public Speaking and National Basketball competitions.

Some of my other hobbies include golf, soccer and playing darts, as it is a sport with a great social aspect. In 2012/2013 season I played darts in the Castlebar town league for the Castle Inn bar. We finished the season tied for first place in the league and went on to win the town league final for our division.


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