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Managing Director at Millennium, LLC



Current location

United States

Work category

Education and Training



Shane Hedges believes in educating, motivating and inspiring young people. This inner vision helped him become president of a leading national company in the education sector. In his leadership position, Shane Hedges maintains a multitude of responsibilities crucial to the sustained success of the company. Some of Shane Hedges' responsibilities include developing the company’s strategic growth plans, identifying new opportunities, and ensuring sustained profitability in a competitive marketplace. Mr. Hedges is also responsible for leading a large team in developing new and pedagogically sound education programs.

Shane Hedges came to his current empoyer in early 2003. At this time, Shane Hedges held the position of Financial Analyst for the company, where he helped identify opportunities for growth. Showing significant potential in this role, Shane Hedges was soon promoted to the executive position of Managing Director of Education.

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